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3rd “Distinguished Master Accomplished Students” Mentorship Programme

1 Apr 2021

The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Hong Kong Institution of Science, is launching the third “Distinguished Master, Accomplished Students” Mentorship Programme in 2021, on the basis of its prior success in the last two cohorts. The third round of the Mentorship Programme will officially start on 1st April 2021 until 31st March 2022.

In this cohort, 41 prestigious scientists and engineers have volunteered to serve as mentors pro bono for 106 local secondary school students who are interested in science.  Through the one-year mentorship, mentors will inspire students with real world experience and industrial knowledge at a personal level, providing advice to help students unleash and realise their potential.  

For more information about the Mentorship Programme, please visit:



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