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InnoCarnival 2016 - Professor Joseph Sung's talk: "Bacteria: our friends or foes"

31 Oct 2016

We have 10 times as many bacterial cell in our body as our own human cells. They live within us, they grow with us, they help us to digest and metabolise our food, they stimulate our immune system, they protect us from attack by pathogens (the germs that cause human diseases). Most of the time, they are our friends. However, when this "healthy bacteria" are disturbed, and replaced by "unhealthy bacteria", our protection is lost. Bacteria becomes our foes. This phenomenon is called Dysbiosis. It is now known that dysbiosis is a major contributing factor for many diseases including infections, digestive tract disorders, cancers, obesity and even depression. How do keep these healthy bacteria in place and live with them in harmony? How do we replace them in case of Dysbiosis? How can we utilise them to treat some diseases? These are some of the hottest topics of medical research around the world.



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