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Prof Che Ting CHAN
Elected as Member of ASHK in 2021

BSc (HKU); PhD (University of California at Berkeley; Member, The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences

Brief Introduction

Associate Vice-President for Research and Development (Research)
Daniel C K Yu Professor of Science
Chair Professor, Department of Physics
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Prof C.T. Chan is currently the Associate Vice-President for Research and Development (Research), Daniel C K Yu Professor of Science, and Chair Professor of Physics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He is also concurrently serving as the Director of the Research Office and the Director of the Center for Metamaterials Research. He received his PhD degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, after which he worked for Ames Laboratory in USA. Since joining HKUST, he has served the university in various capacities, including the Director of William Mong Institute of NanoScience & Technology, the Director of Institute of NanoMaterial and NanoTechnology, and the Executive Director of the HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study. 

He has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (1996) and the Hong Kong Physical Society (2018). He received the Achievement in Asia Award of the Overseas Chinese Physics Association (2000) and Croucher Senior Research Fellowship (2010). He is a co-recipient of Brillouin Medal for his research in phononic metamaterials (2013). He is a dedicated teacher and has received the Michael Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching at HKUST (1999). 

He has served on the editorial boards of a few journals including Physical Review B,  Europhysics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics and is currently a co-editor of ACS Photonics.

His primary research interest is the theory and simulation of material properties. He was trained in the area of condensed matter physics when he was at UC Berkeley. He did research in computational material physics and surface physics using first principles techniques when he was in Ames Laboratory. He also started working on problems related to the photonic band gap problem and photonic crystals while he was in Ames, and he is one of the pioneers in that field. After moving back to Hong Kong in 1995, he worked on the theory of advanced materials and on problems related to material physics including surface physics, nano-materials, metamaterials and classical wave problems. In recent years, he focused his attention on photonic and phononic crystals and metamaterials and other topics related to using artificial materials to control waves and using waves to manipulate materials.

Website of Prof Chan at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

April 2022




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