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Prof Way KUO

Elected as ASHK Founding Member in 2015

Member, US National Academy of Engineering; Member, Academia Sinica in Taiwan, Foreign Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering,  

Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Engineering; Founding Member, The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences

Brief Introduction

Distinguished Professor
City University of Hong Kong

Before joining City University of Hong Kong, Prof Kuo was on the senior management team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Dean of Engineering at the University of Tennessee. Previously at Texas A&M University, he was the holder of Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering in Innovation. He also served as the Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering, managing both the Industrial and Biomedical Engineering programmes. He has previously held appointments at Bell Laboratories and Iowa State University.

Prof Kuo is renowned for his work in design for reliability of electronics systems and nuclear energy. He is a pioneer in reliability modeling of electronics at the infant mortality stage and several of his publications have become classics in systems reliability. Specifically, his research has been adopted for defining and setting up various industrial standards. Anyone who uses such complex electronic products will notice Professor Kuo's footprint.

An author and co-author of nine books on reliability, quality and education, he serves as Chairman of Gnedenko e-Forum, an international group on reliability. He is also known for promoting higher education with an emphasis on relevance to societal needs and problem-oriented research.

He received PhD in engineering in 1980 from Kansas State University, and BS in nuclear engineering in 1972 from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. He has been granted Dr. Phil. Honoris Causa in 2012 from the State Department of China, through Beijing Institute of Technology.

His popular science book Critical Reflections on Nuclear and Renewable Energy has created an impact since its publication in 2013 by Commonwealth Publishing Group in Taiwan. The book has been translated into English, Japanese, French and Russian and were published in Massachusetts, Tokyo, Paris, and Moscow, respectively. It has also been published in Hong Kong and Beijing in both traditional and simplified Chinese under different titles. 


Website of Prof Way Kuo at City University of Hong Kong 

December 2021



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