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Prof Mu-Ming POO

Elected as ASHK Founding Member in 2015


BSc (Tsing Hua, Taiwan); Ph.D (Johns Hopkins); Honorary DSc (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris,HKUST); Member, Academia Sinica and US National Academy of Science; Foreign Member, The Chinese Academy of Sciences; Founding Member, The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences

Brief Introduction

Director, Institute of Neuroscience, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai
Director, CAS Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology

Paul Licht Distinguished Professor in Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Prof Poo is currently the Director of Institute of Neuroscience of The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Paul Licht Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley. He received B.Sc. degree in physics from Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) in 1970, and Ph.D in biophysics from Johns Hopkins University in 1974. After conducting postdoctoral research in developmental biology at Purdue University (74-76), he joined University of California (UC) at Irvine as an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. He was promoted to Professor in 1983, and had later served on the faculty of Yale University School of Medicine (85-88), Columbia University (88-95), and UCSD (96-00), before joining UC Berkeley in 2000, where he had served as the Head of Division of Neurobiology (02-07) in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, and Paul Licht Distinguished Professor in Biology (since 07). Since 1999, he also served as the founding director of Institute of Neuroscience, The Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, and was appointed in 2014 as the director of CAS Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, a cross-disciplinary research organization consisting of investigators from more than 20 CAS research units.


Prof Poo’s research interests center around the development and plasticity of the brain. He has made seminal contributions to our understanding of nerve growth, synapse development and synaptic plasticity. He was awarded Ameritec Prize (2001), International Science & Technology Cooperation Award of China (2005), Qiushi Distinguished Scientist Award (2011), and CAS Distinguished Science and Technology Achievement Award (2013). He has served on the editorial boards of more than 10 scientific journals, and is currently an editor of Developmental Neurobiology and the executive associate editor of National Science Review. He is also a member of scientific advisory boards for Brain Science Institute of RIKEN in Japan, Korean National Neuroscience Institute, Academia Sinica’s Institute of Molecular Biology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and Institute of Biochemistry, National Tsing Hua University and Yang Ming University in Taiwan.


Website of Prof Mu-Ming Poo at The Chinese Academy of Sciences


December 2021




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