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Science & technology News is a service provided by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences to inform the public of interesting and important latest development in various fields of science and technology, both within and outside of Hong Kong.  A list of latest news is given below.  To read the details, please click the titles of the news.

Science & Tech News Date of News
美國「露西號」探測器升空 首探木星附近小行星群 17 Oct 2021
神舟十三號成功升空!3名航天員將首次在太空過年 16 Oct 2021
A decade after gene therapy, children born with deadly immune disorder remain healthy 15 Oct 2021
New nanowire architectures boost computers' processing power 15 Oct 2021
Q&A: COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy 15 Oct 2021
U of T astronomer's research suggests 'magnetic tunnel' surrounds our solar system 15 Oct 2021
Chinese Researchers Make New Discovery in Rice 14 Oct 2021
Hubble Finds Evidence of Persistent Water Vapor in One Hemisphere of Europa 14 Oct 2021
A new single-atom catalyst can produce hydrogen from urea at an exceptional rate 13 Oct 2021
At Initial Cancer Diagnosis, a Deeply Personalized Assessment 13 Oct 2021
Exploring the impact of urban regeneration on young people's mental health 13 Oct 2021
U of T, Sunnybrook researchers deliver ultrasound-guided cancer therapy to the brain 13 Oct 2021
Bacteria underlie success of fecal microbiota transplants 12 Oct 2021
Examining Carbon-Based Elastomeric Composites for Printed Sensors & Electronics 12 Oct 2021
Highly potent antibody against SARS-CoV-2 12 Oct 2021
Internet Security Doesn’t Measure Up; a Team of Experts Is Working to Change This 12 Oct 2021
Researchers Discover Risk of Chronic Diseases Caused by Exogenous Chemical Residues 12 Oct 2021
Scientists Enhance Distributed Fiber Acoustic Sensing Performance for Marine Seismic Detection 12 Oct 2021
Sequencing the Unknown Made Easy: MetaPlatanus Improves Metagenome Assembly 12 Oct 2021
Simplified way to predict quantum light-matter interactions 12 Oct 2021
Beating colorectal cancer’s immunotherapy resistance 11 Oct 2021
Precision medicine data dive shows water pill may be viable to test as Alzheimer’s treatment 11 Oct 2021
Resurrecting quasicrystals: Findings make an exotic material commercially viable 11 Oct 2021
Study suggests ground-dwelling mammals survived mass extinction 66 million years ago 11 Oct 2021


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