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Science & technology News is a service provided by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences to inform the public of interesting and important latest development in various fields of science and technology, both within and outside of Hong Kong.  A list of latest news is given below.  To read the details, please click the titles of the news.

Science & Tech News Date of News
Groundwater discharge as a driver of methane emissions from Arctic lakes 27 Jun 2022
In silico analysis of the human milk oligosaccharide glycome reveals key enzymes of their biosynthesis 27 Jun 2022
Interrupting immune-suppressing treatment can boost COVID vaccine response 27 Jun 2022
Limits on atomic qubit control from laser noise 27 Jun 2022
New approach reduces EV battery testing time by 75% 27 Jun 2022
A multiparametric niche-like drug screening platform in acute myeloid leukemia 25 Jun 2022
Climate damage caused by growing space tourism needs urgent mitigation 25 Jun 2022
Large Scale Genome-Centric Metagenomic Data from the Gut Microbiome of Food-Producing Animals and Humans 25 Jun 2022
Design and development of non-magnetic hierarchical actuator powered by shape memory alloy based bipennate muscle 24 Jun 2022
Scientists apply genetic methods to linguistics 24 Jun 2022
With Roommates, It’s All About Chemistry, Molecularly Speaking 24 Jun 2022
Associations between the home environment and childhood weight change: a cross-lagged panel analysis 23 Jun 2022
New hope to stop spread of antibiotic resistance 23 Jun 2022
Scientists Offer Solutions for Risky Tap Water 23 Jun 2022
本港兒童疫情期間生活習慣全線失守 疫下兒童超重和肥胖比率增近兩倍 疫後抗拒「重回正軌」 | 香港中文大學傳訊及公共關係處 23 Jun 2022
科學尋源:重現香港水稻真貌 助原生品種重返本地農田 | 香港中文大學傳訊及公共關係處 23 Jun 2022
Dissipative discrete time crystals in a pump-modulated Kerr microcavity 22 Jun 2022
HKU State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences reveals the pons plays a significant role in processing sad information 22 Jun 2022
Restoring smell with an electronic nose 22 Jun 2022
Warm surface waters increase Antarctic ice shelf melt and delay dense water formation 22 Jun 2022
Development of reverse osmosis membranes by incorporating polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSSs) 21 Jun 2022
Dopamine Regulates Insulin Secretion Through a Complex of Receptors, Finds New Study 21 Jun 2022


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