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Science & technology News is a service provided by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences to inform the public of interesting and important latest development in various fields of science and technology, both within and outside of Hong Kong.  A list of latest news is given below.  To read the details, please click the titles of the news.

Science & Tech News Date of News
New research reveals the mechanism of ion transport in aqueous Li-ion batteries 26 Nov 2021
Q&A: Imperial experts discuss new variant B.1.1.529  26 Nov 2021
World record again at HZB: Almost 30 % efficiency for next-generation tandem solar cells 26 Nov 2021
藥學院團隊報道新型免疫調節型抗體偶聯藥物 26 Nov 2021
Chinese antibody drugs show promise in trials [2021-11-25] 25 Nov 2021
Manchester scientists produce new antibiotics by gene editing 25 Nov 2021
Tissue engineering using mechanobiology and robotic micromanipulation 25 Nov 2021
清華大學新技術有望實現低成本單分子肽測序 25 Nov 2021
How molecular clusters in the nucleus interact with chromosomes 24 Nov 2021
Innovative Breakthrough in Optical Super-Resolution Microscopic Imaging Technology 24 Nov 2021
NASA, SpaceX Launch DART: First Test Mission to Defend Planet Earth 24 Nov 2021
New Study Sheds Light on How Fatty Liver Disease Turns into Liver Cancer 24 Nov 2021
We Might Not Know Half of What’s in Our Cells, New AI Technique Reveals 24 Nov 2021
中大醫學院三位學者榮膺「2020年全球20位頂尖轉化研究科學家」 盧煜明教授連續五年獲選 | 香港中文大學傳訊及公共關係處 24 Nov 2021
At the Dubochet Center for imaging, atoms are made visible 23 Nov 2021
Big Batteries on Wheels Can Deliver Zero-Emissions Rail While Securing the Grid 23 Nov 2021
Breaking down boosters 23 Nov 2021
Hybrid-electric propulsion systems enable more climate-friendly air transport 23 Nov 2021
Researchers discover an unexpected regulator of heart repair 23 Nov 2021
Two is Better than One: Single-Atom Dimer Electrocatalyst for Green Hydrogen Production 23 Nov 2021
UCLA astronomers discover more than 300 possible new exoplanets 23 Nov 2021
Dentists at lower risk of getting COVID-19: study 22 Nov 2021
How unhealthy diet makes you sick 22 Nov 2021
The reasons behind lithium-ion batteries’ rapid cost decline 22 Nov 2021


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