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Science & technology News is a service provided by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences to inform the public of interesting and important latest development in various fields of science and technology, both within and outside of Hong Kong.  A list of latest news is given below.  To read the details, please click the titles of the news.

Science & Tech News Date of News
Blood pressure measurement using only a smartphone 6 Jul 2022
NIH researchers decode retinal circuits for circadian rhythm, pupillary light response 6 Jul 2022
Physicists see electron whirlpools for the first time 6 Jul 2022
Prime time for base editing in the mitochondria 6 Jul 2022
研究十幾萬只蚊子,清華教授發現"來咬我"秘密 6 Jul 2022
Design and characteristics analysis of a new vibration reduction system for in service long span transmission tower 5 Jul 2022
Large Hadron Collider project discovers three new exotic particles 5 Jul 2022
Scientists discover cancer trigger that could spur targeted drug therapies 5 Jul 2022
Upgraded LHC begins epic run to search for new physics 5 Jul 2022
Accelerated western European heatwave trends linked to more-persistent double jets over Eurasia 4 Jul 2022
Adaptive coding for DNA storage with high storage density and low coverage 4 Jul 2022
Advances and challenges of aluminum–sulfur batteries 4 Jul 2022
AI與人類正常交流還有多遠? 4 Jul 2022
ATLAS and CMS release results of most comprehensive studies yet of Higgs boson’s properties 4 Jul 2022
Cosmic Radio Pulses Probe Hidden Matter Around Galaxies 4 Jul 2022
LHC Run 3: physics at record energy starts tomorrow 4 Jul 2022
A previous hemorrhagic stroke protects against a subsequent stroke via microglia alternative polarization 2 Jul 2022
Rapid northern hemisphere ice sheet melting during the penultimate deglaciation 2 Jul 2022
A natural uORF variant confers phosphorus acquisition diversity in soybean 1 Jul 2022
3 Questions: Marking the 10th anniversary of the Higgs boson discovery 30 Jun 2022
The mere sight of a meal triggers an inflammatory response in the brain 30 Jun 2022


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