The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences held 4th AGM and Member Election

The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences held its fourth Annual General Meeting and 2nd election of members on 26 November 2019.  The newly elected members are Prof Anthony Gar-On Yeh, the Chan To Haan Professor in Urban Planning and Design and Chair Professor in Urban Planning and Geographic Information Systems of HKU, Prof Zuowei Xie, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemistry of CUHK, and Prof Ping Sheng, Dr William M W Mong Professor Nanoscience and Chair Professor of Physics of HKUST.  Prof Lap-Chee Tsui, the Founding President of the Academy, congratulated the three new Members and looked forward to working with them.

Prof Ping Sheng is an internationally renowned physicist. He has made fundamental contributions to the science of composites and soft matter; in particular the initiation and development of acoustic metamaterials leading to novel applications in noise remediation. 

Prof Anthony Gar-On Yeh is a pioneer in the research and development of geographic information systems (GIS) in urban planning and management.  He has developed a family of constrained cellular automata (CA) urban planning models that can be used to generate different planning options.

Prof Zuowei Xie is an internationally renowned chemist specializing in organometallic chemistry and has published over 290 scientific papers and received numerous honors and awards including the prestigious State Natural Science Prize and Chinese Chemical Society Yao-Zeng Huang Award in Organometallic Chemistry.

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