Prof Shing Tung Yau conferred Honorary Membership by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences

At the 4th Annual General Meeting, Prof Tsui was happy to announce that Prof S.T. Yau had accepted to be an Honorary Member of the Academy.   Prof Yau is renowned for his seminal achievement in mathematics internationally and his contribution to science and mathematics education and research in Hong Kong.

Prof S.T. Yau, a world renowned mathematician, is William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics in Harvard University, Distinguished Visiting Professor-at-Large and Director of The Institute of Mathematical Sciences in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof Yau's work is in geometry in the broadest sense. He was the first person to combine differential geometry and analysis, and used their interaction to solve longstanding problems in both subjects. Prof Yau's work opened up new directions, set foundations and changed people's perspectives towards mathematics and their applications in physics and computer science. Prof Yau has received many prestigious awards over the years, including the Oswald Veblen Prize (1981), the Fields Medal (1982), John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship (1985), the Crafoord Prize (1994), the (U.S.) National Medal of Science (1997), the Wolf Prize (2010) & the Fifteenth Marcel Grossmann Award (2018).

















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