Hong Kong Academy of Sciences elects Professor Dennis YM LO as new President

The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences has a new leadership following the election of Professor Dennis Y M LO, a founding member of ASHK and a molecular biologist, to the position of President during its seventh Annual General Meeting today. Professor Ngaiming MOK, a mathematician, and Professor Tony MOK Shu Kam, an oncologist, become the Vice-President and Honorary Secretary respectively. Other members to the new Board of Directors are: Professor Vivian W.W. YAM, a chemist and a founding member of ASHK; Professor Kwok-Yung YUEN, a microbiologist and a founding member of ASHK; Professor Anthony G.O. YEH, a geographic information scientist; Professor Che Ting CHAN, an expert in physics; and Professor Tong YANG, a mathematician. Founding President Professor Lap-chee TSUI has completed his term.
Professor Dennis LO, the new President of ASHK, expresses his gratitude to Professor Lap-chee TSUI for his tremendous leadership in the organisation's contribution to science and technological developments in Hong Kong, and for his efforts to build bridges between local scientists, researchers and the commercial and industrial sectors. Professor LO also pays tribute to his predecessor for his devotion in promoting the city's research capability and science education.
Professor Dennis LO says he has full confidence in the future development of I&T in Hong Kong due to the city’s solid research and development capabilities, with the backing by the Central Government amid opportunities presented by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). "The Central Government has strong aspirations for the GBA to become an engine of I&T development. As a part of the GBA, Hong Kong could utilise its strength in basic scientific research to assist the country in developing I&T initiatives. It would also benefit Hong Kong’s local economy and people's livelihood," he said. "As President of ASHK, I will strive to strengthen the cooperation between ASHK and its stakeholders, including HKSAR Government and other parties in the community, with the aim to bring Hong Kong's scientific and technological innovation to yet a higher level."
Professor Lap-chee TSUI, who served ASHK as Founding President for seven years, congratulates Professor LO for his new role. He expresses sincere appreciation to members of ASHK and the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences (YASHK) for their past support and trust, and their unceasing efforts on scientific researches and science education. Under the leadership of Professor LO, Professor TSUI looks forward to sustained efforts by ASHK to promote scientific research, science education and development, boosting Hong Kong's quest to become an international innovation and technology hub.

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