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Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders - Dr Stephanie Ma

27 Apr 2021

In the 7th public talk of the “Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders” held on 27 April 2021, Dr Stephanie Ma, Founding Member and Chair of Outreach Committee of The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences, and Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, shared her experiences from studying abroad to conducting research as a researcher in the university.  Dr Ma discussed the relationship between stem cell properties and cancer as well as two types of cancer treatments, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.  Finally, Dr Ma also gave her advice on choosing a career path for biomedical graduates. 

“Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders” public talk is organised by The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences.   Each time, a scientist or an engineering leader is invited to deliver a talk to share the work and life with the general public and the youth, increasing the interest of the youth in science and technology and raising their awareness of the benefits that science and technology have brought to us.  

Schools interested in joining the public talks are welcome to contact us at telephone number 3543 1135. 

Click here to watch the 7th public talk on YouTube.



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