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The Covid-19 Vaccines and the “New Normal” webinar

27 Mar 2021

The vaccination process has just started in Hong Kong, but the public still has many questions
concerning the vaccines. What are the differences between the different types of vaccines? How do
these vaccines work and how effective are they? How is the effectiveness of vaccines evaluated by
the World Health Organization? How can we reach “herd immunity”? Will everything go back to
normal as before Covid-19 or will there be a "New Normal" even after vaccinations? In this seminar,
experts in bioengineering and public health, Prof. Benjamin Cowling (HKU), Prof. Leo Poon (HKU)
and Prof. Angela Wu (HKUST) will answer these questions.
27 March 2021  11am-12:30pm
Language: English & Cantonese



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