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Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders - Prof Kwok Yung Yuen

19 Mar 2021

The fifth event of the "Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders" will be held this Friday, 19 March 2021, at 3:00 pm.  The event will be live cast through the our Facebook page and Youtube channel.  You are welcome to join us to enjoy the story and insight to be shared by Prof Kwok Yung Yuen.  

Prof Yuen is the Founding Member of our Academy.  A summary of his information is given in this webpage:

This programme is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences and the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences to provide an opportunity for the public and young people to have an indepth understanding the work and life of successful scientists and engineering leaders.  Each event will invite different scientists and engineering leaders to be the guest.  Schools and their students can join the programme directly through Zoom.  Interested schools are most welcome to join the programme.  We also organise thematic talks in which scientists and engineering leaders will talk about specific and interesting topics in science and engineering.  Schools and students are also welcome to join us for these talks.   Contact may be made at Tel: 3543 1135.   



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