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"Science The Way to My Future" Exhibition

21 Oct 2017 to 29 Oct 2017

 “Science, the way to my future” Exhibition

“Science, the way to my future” Exhibition is jointly organised by three major academies of Hong Kong, including The Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences and The Hong Kong Institution of Science. 

Through showing the public, including people of the younger generation, that science and technology is important to daily life, offers great opportunities for future, and that Hong Kong is strong in it, we aim to encourage youngsters interested in science and technology to pursue a career in it.

The Exhibition is packed with useful and interesting information in its main pavilion and satellite booths.  In addition, there are AR and VR games providing visitors first-hand experience in the fun brought about by advances in technology.  There are also 11 public “Scientists and Science Life” talks to be delivered by scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to share with the audience their precious experience in becoming successful in science and technology.

To help young people to succeed in science and technology, pro bono mentorship service for 100 senior secondary students committed to pursuing a career in science and technology will be provided through a “Distinguished Masters, Accomplished Students“ mentorship programme.   The mentors are successful scientists and engineers who are members of the three co-organisers.  






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