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Science & technology News is a service provided by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences to inform the public of interesting and important latest development in various fields of science and technology, both within and outside of Hong Kong.  A list of latest news is given below.  To read the details, please click the titles of the news.

Science & Tech News Date of News
HKU geographer leads world’s first study to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from Chinese inland waters over the past 30 years 12 Apr 2021
Intellia——女諾貝爾獎得主光環加持的基因編輯先驅【基因編輯三巨頭系列】 11 Apr 2021
Tackling air pollution with new approaches 11 Apr 2021
Giant radio pulses from pulsars are hundreds of times more energetic than previously believed 9 Apr 2021
NASA’s NICER Finds X-ray Boosts in the Crab Pulsar’s Radio Bursts 9 Apr 2021
Resistance to Immunotherapy in Patients with Urothelial Bladder Cancer Is Traced to Specific Sets of Immune Cells 9 Apr 2021
X-Ray Study Recasts Role of Battery Material from Cathode to Catalyst 9 Apr 2021
Endometriosis treatment boosted by EU project 8 Apr 2021
First results from the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab 8 Apr 2021
How Do Architectural Traits Explain Structural Evolution of Euphorbia? 8 Apr 2021
New multiple sclerosis subtypes identified using artificial intelligence 8 Apr 2021
Rich Giannone: Solving puzzles through proteins 8 Apr 2021
Scientists report 6 novel variants in CRISPR-Cas12a in plants, expanding genome engineering 8 Apr 2021
Stanford researchers and others illuminate long-standing mystery of sea turtles’ epic migrations 8 Apr 2021
The Spintronics Technology Revolution Could Be Just a Hopfion Away 8 Apr 2021
More Stable and Environmentally Friendly Solar Cells 7 Apr 2021
Century-Old Problem Solved With First-Ever 3D Atomic Imaging of an Amorphous Solid 6 Apr 2021
Hubble Spots Double Quasars in Merging Galaxies 6 Apr 2021
Scientists Discover Evidence of Powerful Cosmic Accelerator 6 Apr 2021
中大醫學院研究指幼兒成為新冠病毒「隱形傳播者」的風險不容忽視 病毒載量及帶活性病毒的比例偏高 持續帶活性病毒的時間極長 | 香港中文大學傳訊及公共關係處 6 Apr 2021
【能源】ACS Energy Lett.│擁有超高鋰離子遷移數的高壓穩定復合電解質的設計 3 Apr 2021


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